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Luchiddai Dog Park - Dorgali

Welcome to Luchiddai Dog Park!

The dog park is located in Dorgali, surrounded by beautiful countryside and close to the town. Result of a long project began in 2010, Luchiddai Dog Park was created to provide a place where dogs can feel free, interact with their peers, and enjoy the outdoors. Over the years, we worked to transform a 10years-abandoned family property into a fenced area of approximately 1500 square meters. In our park, dogs have the opportunity to explore, sniff, play, and find their own peaceful corner under the shade of a tree. With our supervision, they can learn canine language in a special environment, far from the usual urban dynamics. To ensure the safety of our guests and meet the various needs of their owners, such as the request to keep their dogs separate from others, we have set up different enclosures and shelters separate from the common area.


  • Boarding kennels - Dorgali Dog Park - Luchiddai Boarding kennels - Dorgali Dog Park - Luchiddai

    Boarding kennels

  • Dog Area - Dorgali Dog Park - Luchiddai Dog Area - Dorgali Dog Park - Luchiddai

    Dog Area

  • Enclosures - Dorgali Dog Park - Luchiddai Enclosures - Dorgali Dog Park - Luchiddai


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    Taxi Dog

More than just dog sitting, we offer your dog what is usually not allowed due to time constraints and knowledge about behavioral dynamics.
Boarding Kennels  - Dorgali Dog Park

Boarding Kennels

Luchiddai Dog Park provides daycare services for non-aggressive and well-socialized dogs who do not suffer from separation anxiety or have a tendency to escape. In cases where these conditions are present, we conduct an introductory meeting to assess whether future enrollment is possible. Due to obvious reasons, we are unable to accommodate female dogs in any stage of heat.

Dog Area  - Dorgali Dog Park

Dog Area

Upon reservation, access to a second area is available for dogs to roam and play. However, it is essential for owners to constantly supervise their dogs during their stay.

Fostering - Dorgali Dog Park


Fostering arrangements are made after an initial acquaintance phase, which can be done over the phone or in person based on availability. The process concludes with registration, data completion, and acceptance of the contract.

Food and Feeding  - Dorgali Dog Park

Food and Feeding

If requested, we provide separate feeding areas to prevent any potential conflicts. We offer maintenance food suitable for the majority of healthy dogs. However, to avoid sudden dietary changes, we recommend preparing a bag with their usual portion of food.

Taxi Service - Dorgali Dog Park

Taxi Service

We offer a taxi service upon request, available in the morning until 9:30 am and in the afternoon until 6:30 pm during the summer season. Dogs must have up-to-date vaccinations and parasite treatments.

Safety and Recreation - Dorgali Dog Park

Safety and Recreation

Under my supervision, your dog can interact with others, allowing them to observe, approach, and distance themselves as they wish. They can bark, roll on the grass, run, and share resources such as toys and sticks. Alternatively, they can find a tranquil spot to rest inside dedicated enclosures or under a tree. All of this, away from the typical dynamics of the city or any fears some owners may have that interfere with proper canine communication, which is based on timing, distance, and various subtle nuances that sometimes are unfortunately overlooked.

Our story

Luchiddai Dog Park is the result of a project that began around 2010. Emanuele, driven by the desire to better understand his first dog and improve their relationship, became deeply passionate about the world of canine ethology.
From that moment on, it has been a continuous journey of studying, gaining experience, and working towards the goal of creating a natural, fenced space for dogs in our community. We wanted to provide them with a place where they could feel free, enrich their interactions with other dogs, and enjoy the outdoors.

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